Our Mission

The Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to engage the public and artists in the creation, understanding, and appreciation of digital art.


Currently, AMODA has no permanent physical space or venue. As a “museum without walls,” AMODA presents exhibitions, showcases, film screenings, lectures, and other events at various locations in Austin, often in collaboration with other arts and educational organizations. Our ultimate goal is to establish a physical space where digital art can be viewed by the general public. We hope to make AMODA a center in the community for art presentation, education, and outreach.


The Austin Museum of Digital Art (AMODA) was founded in November of 1997 by three friends, Harold Chaput, Samantha Krukowski, and Christopher Rankin, who shared a dream of bringing digital art to the Austin community. AMODA was incorporated as a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization in April 2000. Since then, AMODA has held over 80 Digital Showcases, Exhibitions, Performances, and educational and community events featuring over 400 visual artists and musicians.  All of this was accomplished on a shoestring budget through the hard work of an all-volunteer staff.

About Digital Art

AMODA defines digital art as art that uses digital technology in any of three ways: as the product, as the process, or as the subject. This definition is intended not to exclude, but to encompass as much creative output in a coherent vision. We seek to expand the public’s definition of digital art – and our own – in order to address the far-reaching impact of digital technology on art, on the world and on ourselves.